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An eventful yesterday

Jul 8, 2005

Well yesterday was rather shocking for everybody. Yesterday I was awoken by a cracking sound in the hall, I thought it was the electricity switches going after something had shorted, testing my bedside lamp proved this wrong. 5 seconds later the sound occured again so I go to investigate, still half asleep and I hear someone walking away from my frontdoor. I think nothing of it.

5 hours later my flatmate phones me from outside the front door, he can't get in. Turns out someone was using a crowbar to break into my flat, a broken lock and a shattered door frame proving their effort. 4 months ago the upstairs flat was robbed in a similar fashion while they were out, the attempted thief must of been scared away by hearing my footsteps.

So I've been thinking what would of happened if he hadn't heard me, he would of broke in and saw my standing naked in the hall half asleep. My friend Paul comforted me by seeing this sight alone would of scared him away, I'm not so certain. Odds of me taking on a guy with a crowbar and winning are as likely as Henman winning Wimbledon. My South African flatmate reckons that people in the UK wouldn't want to attack someone, whereas in S. Africa they would be very likely to kill you. He was quite bemused that I told the neighbours about what had happened, apparently people in S. Africa don't ever talk to their neighbours.

Just feeling lucky that I'm being a lazy bastard this week and staying in the flat, otherwise I would have more then just an iPod lost. Of course I wake up later to find that London has been attacked, I found Ken Livingstone's speech quite moving but being up in Aberdeen makes London seem so far away that I only think about the attack when I read the news. It's not in my thoughts like 9/11 was when that occured.