Joejag - Just Another Geek


Mar 1, 2005

Just back from Belgium here which to quote Ian Rush: "It's like living in another country". First off they have far superior bars with menus of the many beers you can have (One bar boasted 2500, 2004 in stock at any given time) and their pubs don't close so you don't get thousands off ejits thrown onto the street at the same time. You go home when you've had enough, interstingly Vodka is around £4.50 so it's out of bounds (cheap in the super market though), although you do get the impresssion that beer is free over there.

Driving is mad as they only just put in "voluntary" driving liscenses so every car comes with battle scars. Other then that it's just your usual European adventure like 50cl Pints etc. You do realise that the French you learnt at school was merely holiday French: how to order in restuarant, how to get a train ticket. It's all devised to help you survive the likely circumstances you will find yourself in when you travel abroad. Thankfully everyone in the world seems to speak English (/me tips hat to the yanks for making that so) so you can remain blissfully ignorant as soon as you don't understand.