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Moldova? Foo's Honor?

Jun 5, 2005

Well I'm back from Glasgow now after seeing Scotland record their first win since November 2003. Pretty lame game except for McFadden's brace near the end plus the good work done by Lee McCulloch to create the first for Dailly.

Foo Fighters new double album has just hit the torrent servers so the less scrupulous of us can go download that now. One review I've heard that hit home for me was: "If you don't buy this album, everyone who has it will be better than you. It's just that damn good"

I'll let you know in 80mb's time if this stands true.

In other news for what has potential to be the defining year of this decade, Sin City has hit cinemas so I deplore you to all go out and see it. Though from the looks of town centres there is enough advertising to make curious film goeres interested anyway.

System of a Down have taken the best album prize away from Queens of the Stoneage for me, though I still have to listen to the White Stripes new album. Allegedly the new Oasis album is good too? This really is an oddity of a year for good music, just need a new Franz Ferdinand album to really spoil me this year.

And I still can't find my damned iPod, I even cleaned my desk looking for it... shocking stuff.