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Moved house!

Sep 16, 2005

Well this has been a delayed post....

I finished my Masters project last week in KitchenFitting which turned out alright in the end. Paul & Joe gave me some accomodation (and some sweet broadband access) for the last few days of the project which was good as I wasn't getting much sleep near the end. I reckon I'll get about 15-16/20 for the project as the code is fairly good and the report was standard. That should bumb me down to a 2:1 for my Masters which I will be happy with (no one cares what Masters distinction you get).

But why would I need to stay at someone elses to finish my project you ask? Well that's because since the 1st September I have moved to Glasgow! I moved into a far nicer flat now with my girlfriend just off Byres Road (student haven) in the West End of Glasgow. I'll have some photos up when I bother to buy a bluetooth dongle for my phone.

Since I last posted I've also had 4 interviews for Java software engingeering jobs. I first went to 2 private engineering companies and then went for an interview with the SQA (Scottish Exam Board), the last interview was with a company that are making software for councils because of the Freedom of Information Act.

The first 2 were unmitigated disasters! What I did learn from them is what questions to expect though. The first one was very technical (explain this part of Java etc) and the second one was far more documentation orientated (not a single Java question). The SQA one was a blend of both of the interviews and since I had created model answers for things I previously waffled through I managed to give perfect answers. And once they realise you aren't waffling they open up to you a lot more I find. If anyone wants any advice on preparing for software engineering interviews then please ask me as you wouldn't think of most of the questions they create.

The fourth interview also went well though it had UML (a diagram chart language for programming) questions which I messed up.

So that's where I am now, Masters finished, moved in with me bird and a job starting Monday. Sounds like things worked out perfectly!

Now just to wait for the Masters result!