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The Ugly Game

Dec 13, 2005


So I've changed my mind again and have decided that making something in Java would be more beneficial then spending hours (3 days, 12 hours so far) playing WoW. So I'm resurrecting my previous idea of making a website that allows you to rate how unattractive English Premier League footballers are.

I've bought a domain for it called: and put up a small proof of concept for the moment which is tracking ratings in the background. The scale at the moment will go from Beckham to Beardsley as they seem to be the best yardsticks to use for a scale.

With this information I will then make teams of the week etc, perhaps even send an award out to the ugliest player in the premiership for a laugh. TUG Player of the Year and TUG Youth Player of the Year etc.

Writing the application should be simple enough, keeping it maintained with all the transfers etc will be a pain though so I'll need help at first getting the database full of all the players from each team and a lovely photo of each of them. The site will not make any money as then I could get sued for making profit out of laughing at Wayne Rooney's face or something similar. Plus I'm not in the mood to get images for every player so I intend to take them off the clubs websites or a news source. All of this could lead to nasty letter being sent to my good self so making absolutely no cash from this is paramount.

For the Geeks: I'll be using hibernate as an ORM solution for this project and will be testing out the new feature of Eclipse using Java. My webhost runs a resin server without EJB support so it's just plain servlets and JSPs and whatever Component framework spams news sites enough to get my attention (Struts, Spring, Tapestry etc).

So if you fancy helping me populate and maintain the database or fancy helping with any aspect of the site then send me an email to joe at this websites domain name.