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Jun 6, 2006

So there was a discussion about the World Cup on Slashdot today.

It of couse came to the point about discussing what "football" is. i.e. the game using your feet instead of your hands and then this gem of a conversation happened:

UK Guy:
Funny, actually most of the world knows World Cup but not many know super bowl or world series. By the way you do realize that "world" in world series is a cruel joke right? oh well...

USA Guy:
Oh, we know. Every year we invite you foreign buttholes, try to make nice, put all our differences aside for a friendly game, but do you show up? No. We just sit here all by ourselves with our "Go France" foam fingers and cry into our beer that no one showed up for our party, so we scrimmage and go home, and then you guys wonder why we bomb the shit out of you.

Real nice, World. Real nice.