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Jul 16, 2006

Well that's me back from France now.

As you would expect it was blisteringly hot at around 41 degrees and I was most definitely the palest person ever to be in Nice at this time of year ever. Nice is very beautiful and much like Florida or Los Angeles. If you haven't been to either of these places just think about the main road in the South East of Vice City where you start. Exactly like that.

While I was there I read the latest Brookmyre and some stuff on the Spring Framework inbetween swimming and staying in the shade. We stayed in a house with a private pool so it was very relaxing and spent our other days exploring the local area. We spent a day each in Monaco and Nice. Monaco is one of those crazy places like Venice built in a totally unsuitable place.

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is check out the local food and drink. France didn't let me down on this one and they have some crazy produce such as Whisky Beer, Wine Cartons (for lunchboxes?) , Tomato and Basil/Black Olive/Rosemary Icecream, Vodka Sorbet and Eclipse Gum (for those Java devs reading). We went to the local vinyard to sample the local produce and noticed some guy coming in with his own 5 litre container. After looking at the price list we found out that wine is 1 euro a litre if you bring your own container. I am now planning on moving to France once I figure out how the language works!

Images are up on my mypics page. Now I'm off to try out some of the many bottles I've brought back.

Ah yes.... EasyJet are the suck, but if you want cheap you get what you pay for.