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Naked and Famous

Aug 26, 2006

Well hot damn, on Tuesday I went to see one my favourite bands ever. The Presidents of the USA.

Glasgow's Carling Academy was the venue for this night, where I had never been before. It is customary to have around 2 support acts, one local and one travelling with the band. This ladies and gentlemen is where the story begins.

My brother remarked that it's far too easy to start a band and write a song these days. I can attest to that as I've written a few myself while being too lazy to go lookup a tab online. So if you've ever thought to yourself, "Hey! I'd like to have a band! But all I can play on the guitar are barre chords and most of the melodies I write are pretty basic! And my voice sounds like a pothead that works at McDonald's!, The AlPacinos are here to prove that none of these deterrents need deter you from your dreams.

Ugly BastardYes, the saying €œonly a mother could love€ comes straight to mind here. The AlPacino's have achieved the heady feat of assembling 4 people who own instruments combined with some old bloke who makes you yearn for the days when rock beards and moustaches were respected. The big positive from the bands 8 minute epic songs was that I found out you can buy earplugs for 50p these days. The AlPacinos must be in cahoots with the manufacturers. The lesson learnt here is never turn up to a gig early.

Next up to attempt to destroy my love for music were the Suffajets. Shockingly though they displayed the ability to play instruments and mastering with inspirational genius that pertual problem of figuring out that song composition involves verses, bridges and choruses (well compared to AlPacino's anyway).

SuffrajetsMaybe it was the horror that came before but I really liked this band, the fact that it's chicks on guitars had no bearing on my reasoning. Near the end of the set 3 guys managed to get on the stage and started dancing. One of them had mastered that €œWhere the hell is Matt?€ dance and the others were also great entertainment. The band quickly noticed this and played along. I'll be getting their CD when it hits the shops.

PresidentsThis set us up nicely for the main attraction. The Presidents entered stage complete with shirts and ties and started performing a compilation of their best hits. Their first song was the Buggles cover of Video Killed the Radio Star. The entire performance was accompanied by great stage presence with each song having it's own visual display to accompany it. Cue stop motion acting with the lights, getting everyone to sit down as a song builds up, getting the crowd to sing the chrous to their new songs etc. They reminded me of Greenday by their stage swagger.

Apparently the Presidents have a new album out, as a didn't know a few of their songs. Like every other band they came back for an encore which included Mach 5 and Naked and Famous. It was awesome stuff and the best fun I've had since the World Cup finished.