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Jan 26, 2006

Well, I best blog this so everyone knows...

Jordan has set the ball rolling on an MSc reunion in late March. I'm going to provisionally say the 28/29 weekend seems the most likely. We're still debating the where but it looks like Edinburgh as it has an airport and the majority of us are still freezing our collective asses somewhere around Scotland.

A lot of people have already agreed to the idea/location such as:

Paul Ritchie likes the idea but is saving for a trip to Vegas so he's a maybe. I assume Steve Yu will be coming as he lives in Edinburgh anyway. Accomodation will be debated nearer the time as Steve and Jordan could be getting a flat in Ed, Stevo also lives nearby Ed (probs £25 in a taxi total).

So that leaves the rest of you who might not have got the email: Kostas, Riz, Blair, Logie, Robin, Simon, Mantas.

Robin's in the states and Simon's working in Ireland, I guess Logie et al would rather have their own shindig though. Anyone know where Kostas is living/working?

Anyway, it's going to be ace and leave any comments about suggestions for the event.