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The most important football game this month

Nov 2, 2006

Georgia vs Uruguay on the 15th!

I recently heard about the Unofficial Football World Championships. The idea is quite simple. Starting from the first international football match in 1872, between Scotland and England which was hosted around the corner from my flat, a boxing like title could be claimed by the victors of the each game. So England were world champions in 1966 then Scotland won in 1967 making them the unofficial world champions. The next team to beat Scotland (which was Russia who lost it to Austria) takes the title away from them an so on.

Sides are awarded one ranking point for every title match victory, these points are then used to decide who has been the most successful. The strange part of this is that it proves Scotland to be the easily the best international football side ever.

So this is what leads me to proclaim Georgia vs Uruguay as the most important football game this month as Uruguay are the current world champions having claimed the title off Romania. The even more interesting part is that Georgia are in Scotland's qualifying group for Euro 2008, and after this friendly they meet in Georgia's next game in March. So if Georgia win they will be the world champions. This sets everything up perfectly for me to watch Scotland vs Georgia at Hampden in March.

I could be watching the world champions.