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Theory Passed

Feb 11, 2006

On my route to driving success I've now passed my theory test. I got 34/35 (need 30+) for the theory and 56/75 (need 44+) for the Hazard perception.

The test centre itself is like a library with hearing stations. You get a touch screen VB looking app to play with at first then it's click the mouse button when you see a hazard after.

The question I got wrong on the theory (can't believe I got it wrong now) was: What causes you steering to feel heavy. I put over inflated tires when it should be under inflated tires. The rest of the questions were your normal obvious ones.

I'm burning £80 a week in driving lessons at the moment ever since 15th January and apparently you need something around 50 hours of training before you try. At £20 an hour requiring 50 hours you can work out how much this is costing me!

In other news I'm off to a "rock for independence" shindig tonight so I'll need to get suitably plastered before attending.

Stay in school kids.