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Aug 30, 2006

Well it certainly looks like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar. In my last post I went after the easy target that is support bands. Not too long after scathing a band (basically because they played a different style to the main act) the lead singer of the band posted a comment (I had said the lead singer was old, I'm 24):

"Hey Joe

Just came across the site, I'd just like to say I'm only 27 but that may be old in your book. Cheers for the honest feedback on the gig - guess we need to stop more between tunes and pause for breath, cos we don't have any 8 minute songs. Glad you enjoyed the other 2 bands a bit more than you did us, guess we're just not you're cup of tea.

Cheers + Beers

There was me thinking only some of my close knit friends read the site to listen to my musings. Eddy seems to have taken a positive out of my review, so I thought I'd add a slightly more accurate review.

The AlPacino's are a hardcore punk group from Motherwell, this makes them interesting on the nights billing as Presidents are a 2 guitar rock group. To be honest, they aren't my cup of tea. But they did have stage presence, a noticeably good drummer and even did grassroots promotion to join their mailing list. The performance was pretty energentic and their standout track I Am Spartacus which they played near the end of their set is definitely a grower.

Incidentally you can join their mailing list and download some of their songs at PureVolume or at their main website The AlPacinos Online.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who tries to prey on support bands... they know where you blog!