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You're not from New York city you're from Rotherham

Jan 13, 2006

Hello dear readers,

Just some quick thoughts from watching the news. They say that A&E wards are under a lot more pressure these days than before.

There is a very obvious reason! Female drinking is something that developed in the late 90s and throughout this century. The amount of people out drinking and getting hurt was bound to increase when the other half of the population decided Breezers are more fun then staying in to watch Barrymore. Plus with girls involved guys are going to get those testosterone levels a lot higher, which can lead to interesting debates.

Kudos goes to my mate who was offered £10 from a photographer to sit on the curb with her head in her hands on a night out. Made it on page 2 of the Daily Retard.

I was also thinking about cults (religion of any form), in 100 years they'll look back on us like we do the aztecs thinking: Wizards (Gods) controlling the universe? Who'd buy that?!?

In other news I'm having a driving lesson on Sunday so stay of the streets of Glasgow around 2pm. You have been warned.