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Sweet bandwidth Batman

Jan 27, 2007

I have now finally managed to get my Internet connection back after being without net access all year. I've gone with 10mb NTL, it's 2 hours in now and I'm happy.

Here's my parting words for my previous ADSL provider f2s:

I was under the impression I would receive 8MB down and 0.5MB up. After using the service for 18 months I've found this to be 2MB down and 0.25UP (my neighbour however gets 6MB down on his ADSL). For half the price I'm paying for this "8Mb" service I can get the same elsewhere for half the price.

The continuing outages also contributed to this decision after now having sporadic internet access for the last 4 weeks. This is despite phoning your support phone line 3 times a week each week.

I appreciate all these issues are not the fault of f2s who have been helpful when I have asked for support, I've noticed the telephone support service has got better over this last year. Though I never got a single response from any support emails I sent.

Today I've had NTL installed which is reporting at a happy 8.3MB down and exactly 0.5MB up (on the speedtest at

I'll still recommend f2s to anyone, but I'd never let a friend go with LLU ever again.

The irony is that when I put that into the "reason for leaving" textbox when canceling the service it refuses to accept the form if in contains an apostrophe in the text. The defence rests.