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2 Months of Tech Blogging, and my Coding Dojo talk

Sep 4, 2009

My tech blog is 2 months old today. Interestingly, the biggest referrer to the site is Twitter, rather than Google. I'm quite happy with the articles I've put up so far and Google is starting to index some terms on the site quite highly.

Tech Blog posts roundup



Coding Dojo Talk at Techmeetup


I spoke at a Glasgow Techmeetup recently about Coding Dojos. It's something I found very easy to talk about as I've been running one for over a year within JPMorgan. I've volunteered to host one for the .NET crowd in Scotland too.

The audience was different from usual as we had another presenter from the Channel 4 investment fund. So half the crowd was there to ask why he kept rejecting their ideas.

I think my talk went quite well as there were a lot of questions at the end. One bit of feedback I received was that I shouldn't use my hands in a velociraptor style as it scares the crowd. I'll look out for that in the future.

Here is the video of the talk.


Joe Wright talks about Coding Dojos from TechMeetup on Vimeo.