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How to enjoy Whisky

Nov 8, 2010

Last year I put together a single malt Whisky guide to help me understand the different Whisky experiences you can have. Hopefully that's encouraged some people to have their own Whisky adventures. I've put together this short guide that you can use to have your very own Whisky tasting session.

To have a rewarding Whisky tasting you should line up 3 or more different drams that allow you to experience the differences between them.



It's important to have a correctly shaped glass to taste the Whisky, don't go in for the crystal tumble numbers you see in films, go for something Tulip shaped like a Champagne glass. These allow you to take in the aromas of Whisky a lot better.



Serve a single shot (dram) of each Whisky in a room temperature glass.

The Process


My process for tasting Whisky is: