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November 2019 Health Report

Nov 10, 2019

It’s been six weeks again, quick eh? Here’s how I’m doing reversing liver disease and getting on with life in general.

Goal update

Weight at start: 105kg (100kg six weeks ago)
Current weight: 96kg
Goal weight: 74kg (according to BMI)

Habits report

Name Kept to it?
Aim to lose 5kg every six weeks No, 4kg lost
Go for a run at least two times a week 4 weeks out of 6
Use calorie counting to keep my eating habits in check 0 weeks out of 6
Stop using lifts 6 weeks out of 6
Have at most one night a week with alcohol consumption 4 weeks out of 6

Next six weeks

I’m going to stop the calorie counting habit. I’ve changed my thinking around meals, breakfast and lunch are for “fuel”, and dinner is for something enjoyable to eat. If I keep to this, the need for calorie counting goes away.

5kg loss every six weeks is still quite ambitious, but it is still a motivational target to try to attain. I’m only 1kg away from it during this period, having a week away at a conference and a week off ill messed my discipline up. Christmas is next up, Mince pies and other lovelies will be easily obtainable.

I’m going to add a habit to use the Oculus for aerobic exercising at least four times a week. I’ve been enjoying using it. It burns the same amount of calories as going for a walk, but from the comfort of your living room. Handily accessible when you are looking after two (theoretically) sleeping kids.

Good things in this period

Which prompted me to do the same thing with my kids:

Best Tweets

Bad things in this period

I lost my discipline for around seven days this month. Everyone was away for school holidays, and I was left on my own. While it was fun to relax, eat out and see films at the cinema. It did mean I had to build up the motivation to get going again. There were a few days while I hated the thought.

I mentioned I started using an Oculus for aerobics during the last six weeks. Well, I cannot guarantee these things are linked, but the ceiling below where I have started doing aerobics fell, scaring us all at 5 am.

Thankfully no one was hurt. It took us the whole day to remove all the dropped plaster. Hopefully, we can get it fixed before Christmas as the kids are now sharing a bedroom.

In the mean time I’ve moved to using the Oculus in the living room!

See you again around the 22nd December.