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October 2019 Health Report

Oct 2, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of a six-weekly report into how well I’m doing with reversing liver disease and life in general.


Weight at start: 105kg
Current weight: 100kg
Goal weight: 74kg (according to BMI)

Habits report

I started five habits that I’m trying to keep up:

Name Kept to it?
Aim to lose 5kg every six weeks Yes, 5kg lost
Go for a run at least two times a week 6 weeks out of 6
Use calorie counting to keep my eating habits in check 2 weeks out of 6
Stop using lifts 6 weeks out of 6
Have at most one night a week with alcohol consumption 5 weeks out of 6

I purchased a FitBit which has motivated me to walk more and take more care of my sleeping pattern.

Next six weeks

I’m going to stick with the same habits. I’ve bought an Oculus Rift which has some high energy games. I’m going to try including them to burn some extra calories.

Calorie counting I find easy to stop doing, but I notice each time I do I start having little cheat snacks. I’ll try and stick with it better for the next few weeks.

Good things in this period

Best Tweets

Bad things in this period

See you again around the 11th November.