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May 2020 Health Report

May 10, 2020

Half a year ago, I let you all know that I am suffering from liver disease and doing what I can to reverse it.

I’ve been trying out different habits, exercises, and eating patterns and posting on how I’m progressing every six weeks.

Goal update

Weight at start: 105kg / 47.5% fat
Eight weeks ago: 90kg / 31.0% fat
Current weight: 90kg / 32.4% fat
Goal weight: 74kg (according to BMI) or 20% body fat.

graph of weight progress over the last six weeks

Habits report

Habit Measure Kept to it?
I am a healthier living person Aim to lose 3kg every six weeks No weight loss
I am a keen exerciser I have 30 minutes of exercise every day 2 weeks out of 6
I’m an occasional drinker Have at most one night a week with alcohol consumption 2 weeks out of 6

Thoughts on the last six weeks

Well, this all started poorly.

If you look closely at the chart, you’ll see there were four weeks of excess, followed by two weeks of good progress. This experience had made me think back to when I first started this adventure. It took weeks to get each of my habits to become, well, habitual. With lockdown starting, all my habits disappeared along with my regular schedule. As much as I wanted to have a good week, my willpower would run out around Wednesday or Thursday. It took four weeks to push those habits back into being again.

Around this time, I came across this quote:

A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought - they must be earned. @Naval

It came at the right time. Thirty minutes of vigorous daily exercise is as close to a panacea as you will find in life. We can’t buy health, mindfulness or a loving household; we must work at these things. It’s not good enough to be killing things at work if we are neglecting these other three areas of our life.

I was harsh on myself for the first four weeks, but things have been good since then, I suppose I should see even keeping the same weight as a victory given the circumstances.

Next six weeks

It requires less willpower to do the right things again thankfully, so no new habits, just keeping up with the schedule.

For exercise, it will be three runs a week and long walks on the other days. I’m trying to hit 10k steps every day during lockdown from now on.

It was easy to fall back into the habit of weekday drinking in the evenings; my extra push during this period is only to drink every second weekend.

Good things in this period

Best Tweets

See you, hopefully outside, around the 21st of June 2020.