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February 2021 Health Report

Feb 9, 2021

Hebrews 13:8

Nearly a year ago, I let you all know that I am suffering from liver disease and doing what I can to reverse it.

I’ve been trying out different habits, exercises, and eating patterns and posting on how I’m progressing every six weeks.

Goal update

Weight at start: 105kg / 47.5% fat
18 weeks ago: 80kg / 26.4% fat
Current weight: 83kg / 26.1% fat
Goal weight: 74kg (according to BMI) or 20% body fat.

graph of weight progress over the last 18 weeks

Habits report

Habit Measure Kept to it?
I am a healthier living person Lose 6kg every twelve weeks 3kg gain
I am a keen exerciser Walk at least 10k steps a day 75% days
I overindulge at most once a week Calorie counting and keep under 2k calories a day 3.5 days a week

Thoughts on the last 18 weeks

I’ve lost my discipline.

Christmas wasn’t too bad, but it started a trend. The second lockdown has hijacked my ability to recover by eliminating my good habits around walking kids to school and going out for long walks at weekends. Those weekend walks meant I didn’t overindulge the night before as I wanted to be in good shape. Now, what’s the point? I’ve walked the same park over 100 times in the last 18 weeks, and I know every route near my home. It’s so dull now.

I’ve been trying to recover habits, so I didn’t have to post my first ever “Whoops - I gained weight” update, but this is where we are - six extra weeks of denial.

Next six weeks

Being able to travel for informal outdoor exercise would be great. But I cannot rely on that changing soon. I’ve been looking at some longer walks you can do around Glasgow city centre, there’s one where you go past 21 bridges and another taking in all the Murals around the city.

Deep down, I know what to do. It’s written above in the table. Log what you eat, exercise twice a day, be good six days out of seven.

I’ll try to get back to who I was before.