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November 2023 Health Report

Nov 9, 2023

In 2021, I let you all know that I am suffering from liver disease and doing what I can to reverse it.

I did manage to go down to my goal weight of 80kg, and the symptoms I had for liver disease disappeared. I never got the blood test required to check as it was during COVID-19.

Sadly, but perhaps predictably, I’ve managed to return to 103kg, which was where I started this journey. The symptoms I had have returned too. So it’s time to go again.

One difference I’m making is that my weight doesn’t matter much. It’s the fat kilograms. It’s the fat that gets into your organs, making them harder to function, which causes you to die from liver disease. So, from now on, the reports will focus on body fat rather than total weight.

Goal update

Stat Value
At the start 102.4kg / 41.8kg fat
Current 102.4kg / 41.8kg fat

Goal weight: 20kg fat.

Habits report

There are no records yet; this is the start again.

Habit Measure Kept to it?
I am a healthier living person Lose 3kg fat every month .
I am a keen exerciser Walk at least 10k steps a day .
I overindulge at most once a week I count Calories and keep under 2k calories a day .

Thoughts on the last 18 months

When you are in the groove with habits, losing weight without much motivation is relatively easy. It’s the same when you develop ones that aren’t as good.

The problem with the gaining part is that folks still think you look much healthier and mention it without knowing you’ve been overeating and drinking for months on end.

Next month

Back to the old habits. I walk 10k a day, record what I eat, and keep overindulging on the weekend only.

Alcohol will always be a problem as it drops your inhibitions, and recovery in your 40s is brutal, leading to more overeating to feel better.

I’ve singed up for two long distance walks in March and May 2024, so I’ve got them as targets to be fit for.